10. They have been around for 35 years (they must have it right by now).

9. Kool Music (50's, 60's Specialists).

8. They don't drink or use drugs (this group comes to work for you).

7. Their show will be customized for your event.
   (family show, wedding, reunion, festival, anniversary, club, dance, etc.)

6. They are all professional musicians and singers.

5. The performance fee is way under value.

4. They all speak english. (from da 50's)

3. Moose is the oldest guy in the group and he's still young!  (we're still rockin' and not over the hill)

2. Lovely young ladies that sing, Da Sharkettes. (ohh baby, baby)

1. You'll have fun, dance and sing the night away with Michigan's Top Oldies Show!